​​In my third year at AG Dance Co, I absolutely love how I can freely express myself through movement. The culture that Angela and Sarah have created as a non-competitive studio has allowed me to thrive in both a friendly and supportive environment. It is something that I look forward to every week as their classes encourage me to extend myself and explore my abilities. I can’t thank you guys enough for creating this place that allows me to grow, develop and enjoy dance! 
– Monica

I love that AG Dance Co gave me the opportunity to come back to dance in a really supportive, inclusive and fun environment. There was no pressure for me to keep coming if I didn’t like it but Ange, Sez and the other girls made me feel really good and included. I also love that we do our showcases because performing was always one of my favourite things about dance before I stopped. I really look forward to classes every week to hang out with the girls and dance/learn choreography for fun!
– Kelsie

My gratitude goes out to Ange and Sarah for creating a space that I could call home for a year. Thursday was always a day I looked forward to and often the highlight of my week. AG Dance has created a warm and welcoming community in Lismore that I couldn’t recommend enough if you are looking for a fun, passionate, non-competitive and non-judgemental environment. Thank you both for bringing dance back into my life and for always being inspiring and daring.
– Darcie

Such an incredible studio! I came to Ange and Sarah wanting to get back into dance after taking 2 years off. Their passion and consistent devotion to creating new moves each weeks keeps it fresh and exciting as we don’t know what to expect for each class. We all have so much fun, no matter our training levels, everyone fits in and gives it their all. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to begin their dance journey or start back again!
– Tully

Amazing dance school that allows the students to express themselves in a supportive environment. No competition, no judgement, everyone is just living their best dance life. Could not recommend more.
–  Alissa

Angela supported me through my HSC dance studies in 2016 and continued to support my learning throughout the remainder of my time spent dancing. Not only was she highly educated in dance theory but she supported my personal needs and was my emotional rock through the stresses of high school studies. Angela had a positive impact on my dance education and performance ability providing a wealth of knowledge that was applied to all aspects of dance. I feel extremely lucky to have called Angela my dance teacher and learned so much not only about my dancing career but about myself, and applicable life skills through her teaching methods. I’m now grateful to call her not only my dance teacher but a life long support and friend.
– Kelly 

Throughout the year I have casually taken classes at AG Dance Co and have loved it! Ange and Sarah are both so passionate and create such a safe class environment. They are both incredible teachers and always take the time to break down the choreography. AG Dance Co is the perfect place for beginner and advanced dancers- the nurturing environment makes every class so much fun, my creativity is challenged and I always leave with a smile on my face. Can’t wait to be back in the studio.
– Ruby

Ange has taught me all through my school dance days and her passion, enthusiasm and love for dance just shone through in every class. For anyone looking to have some fun and express their creativity for dance, I couldn’t recommend a better place. No matter your training level you will always feel like you fit right in, very highly recommended!
– Grace

My first class with Ange was a week after I had knee surgery! Just from observing I had this new love for dance. Ange’s passion & love for dance shines through her teaching in every class! Ange supported me throughout my senior years of school in dance & life. She is also my inspiration for becoming a Dance/PDHPE teacher. Do yourself a favour and take class with her! Thank me later.
– Dom